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Since 1927, Pastorelli Foods has provided consumers with retail products that not only continue to win the hearts of many, but also continue to receive gold medals year after year in international competition. From the first fully prepared canned pizza sauce of which was formulated by Papa Pastorelli in 1952, to our award winning blended Cameo oil, all carry the signature of recognizable quality. can_group As Pastorelli embraces the family tradition of manufacturing with only the finest ingredients, we also continue to introduce products to our markets that are unequaled. From our Michigan apple cider sulfite free vinegar to our regular thin and crispy pizza crusts, that hold lots of toppings, our lifelong mission has never changed nor will it. As Papa Pastorelli used to say, "If Mother Nature Doesn’t Produce it, Pastorelli Won't Use It" and so, it will continue to be. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, e-mail, or use the contact us form.

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  • Dear Pastorelli,
    Your pizza sauce is the best! My entire family loves it. And I'm talking about a family that covers Connecticut, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois.
    If ever I go to visit one of my relatives who lives in an area that Pastorelli Pizza Sauce is not available (in stores), I have to bring dozens of cans to them. It would be unforgivable to go empty-handed!
    And we don't use it just for pizza. We love to use Pastorelli Pizza Sauce for pasta sauce, with Italian sausage or meatballs, in veal or chicken recipes or on Italian sausage sandwiches. So many of the new prepared spaghetti sauces are too sweet and have no bite. We love the sauce, and the two sizes it comes in are very handy.
    Thank you for providing us with a quality product.
    Donna Svoboda, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I have enjoyed your pizza sauce over the years. As a kid my mother would buy it and we would make pizza muffins every friday night. Now, as an adult, I purchase it for my family. Thank you for not ever changing the recipe and keeping it as good as its always been. I will continue to be your number one fan and loyal customer.
    -Thank you, Lori Pharr, Aurora, IL
  • To Whom it may concern:
    I moved to Florida from Chicago on January 1, 1999. My moving truck contained many cans of your Pastorelli pizza sauce. I recently panicked when I ran out and found that no store in Florida carries your brand. My pizza will never be the same I thought! I found your web page and was very excited. I called to order two cases of the pizza sauce and four days later it was on my doorstep. What great service! Your employee, Linda, was very nice and so helpful. Pastorelli Food Products, Inc. should pride itself not only providing such wonderful products, but for continuing "service" with a smile attitude.
    I very seldom send letters praising a product or a company. Actually, in my lifetime, this is only my second. Keep up the good work, there are few companies like yours left.
    Very truly yours, Christine Socash, Florida
  • Hello!
    I am a LONG time purchaser & users of your Pastorelli brand pizza sauce. It is THE BEST pizza sauce ever made, and the only one for me and my family! No pizza sauce even comes close in comparison to the taste! We only use that brand at our house, and we've told many friends & family members about the good taste of it.
    I enjoyed reading all about the history of the Pastorelli family and creation of your products on the website! The history of my family using the sauce began when I was a teen in last 70's. I was baby-sitting for a family w/3 small kids, and the mother would frequently prepare mini pizza breads before leaving for her job. I liked them so much and used to brag to my Mom about them, so she told me to find out what kind of sauce my employer was using, and it was Pastorelli, of course! My Mom used it from then on, and I continued the tradition since w/my own husband and family -- whenever we make pizzas, pizza breads, etc. -- nothing tastes like it!
    Thanks for your time! Lynne Pistello, Hammond, IN
  • The Marxhausens thank you again. Of course, we are still waiting for you to distribute (to retailers) west of the Mississippi. As long as there is a UPS, we will survive.
    Now that the oldest child has discovered how to make pizza dough in the college apartment, the home supply disappears more quickly. This could mean two cases at a time, but that's another day.
    Judy Marxhausen, Littleton, CO
  • Thank you so very much for sending me the two cases of pizza sauce so quickly. I went down to the Super Stop and Shop...I ranted and raved about your pizza product... The manager assured me that he would try to arrange it. I will go to pester him again this week when I go grocery shopping. I told him that you were so wonderful and willing to accommodate me that I saw no problems with you dealing with one of our most prominent food chains. Again, thank you. I can enjoy delicious pizza again!
    Della Leger, Andover, CT
  • This is the first time I have ever written to a company about their product, but I felt the need to tell you what I think about your pizza sauce -- it's the greatest! I can't imagine using anything else. My neighbor told me he used to make his own sauce until he tried yours and agrees it's the best.
    Allezra Vizethum, Woodridge, IL
  • As far as I am concerned, it (your pizza sauce) is the best on the market and rivals my own, and your label/packaging is very attractive and adds a very classy touch to your product line.
    Mrs. Bernadette A. Koschoreck, Merrimac, WI
  • This past January or February I met and spoke briefly with you at the Wisconsin Restaurant show in Milwaukee. I told you of my plans to open a pizza shop in Twin Lakes, Wisc. A few weeks later you were kind enough to send me a sample of your pizza sauce. Your company was the only one to do so. That in itself was not a large factor in my selection but it did show me that you are proud of your products and that you care about your customers. We tried at least six other sauces. Simply put, yours is the best... Pastorelli Sauce has a uniqueness that stands out and there was no hesitation in the selection.
    My customers are also aware of this taste. We opened our store in May and I get nothing but positive comments on the sauce. When customers ask me if it is homemade or what kind it is, I always tell them we use Pastorelli Pizza sauce.
    I realize I am not your biggest customer but I know I can depend on the same consistent quality that they receive. I will be one of your most loyal.
    Thank you again Mr. Pastorelli for your help and interest in my business. If you are ever up this way, please stop in.
    Alan Breck - Big Al's Pizza, Twin Lakes, WI
  • Eight years ago we moved to Mendota Illinois and we used to get the pizza kit delivered by UPS. A very nice lady named Pat always helped us. I know that you no longer have the kits and that's too bad. I was brought up with Pastorelli sauce and there is no other to compare. In order to enjoy Pastorelli pizza sauce we must now drive to Yorkville about 45 miles away. Sometimes I don't even wait to make a pizza I just eat it right out of the can. I hope Pat is still with you as she was always a person that added the "family" to your product. Keep up the good work and keep your company USA always.
    God Bless America and the Pastorelli Family.
    Glenn Hall and family, Mendota, IL
  • I have been using your product for over 15 years, and I have to let you know that your pizza sauce is the greatest. I work at Jewel foods, and whenever a customer asks where the pizza sauce is, I walk them to the sauces but I also tell them that the only one to buy is Pastorelli. Anyway, the main reason I am contacting you is to inquire if your pizza sauce is sold anywhere in San Diego. My daughter lives there and hasn't been able to find it. Whenever someone in the family goes there, we have to bring a supply of Pastorelli. If it isn't sold there, it should be. Not only does my daughter love it, any of her friends that have had her pizza or stuffed spinach bread ask what kind of sauce she uses. Any info would be appreciated.
    Pat Jasper, Northlake, IL
  • From about 1973-1988 we lived in a Chicago suburb and regularly enjoyed making pizza with your sauce. After we moved to the Phoenix area, we asked a friend to bring some cans as "payment" for a visit. The problem was that we did not discover a good way to help the dough rise, so we disappointedly discontinued the pizza production. Recently we discovered that our bread-machine could supply the missing piece and enjoyed our first homemade pizza tonight. The crust was fine but, oh, how we missed your excellent sauce! Is there a place we can buy it on the northwest side of greater Phoenix, or is it better to try to order some from you? Please try to answer soon. Now that the dough is available, we are eager to get the whole pizza right! Thanks.
    Linda Slaviero, Phoenix, AZ
  • I spent the first nine years of my life in Chicago, where my parents had been born and raised. Every Friday night, my family makes pizza using Pastorelli's. However, when the family moved to Spokane, Washington, we found ourselves in a strange land: one without pizza sauce! After two month's of deprivation, one of our relatives was able to bring us a supply of your sauce, which could very possibly have saved our lives (doctors still debate the issue).
    Two years ago, I left home to go to college in Los Angeles. Living in the dorm rooms with no way of making pizza, I looked towards my time at home and the natural goodness I could always find there on Friday night, when real Pastorelli's appeared on the table.... Now, while I admit that my quest for pizza sauce might be called excessive or silly, I maintain that every bite of pizza is worth it when it's for Pastorelli's. Thanks for all your work keeping it so high quality.
    Jon Jurich, Los Angeles, CA
  • Thanks for the excellent fresh & sweet tasting pizza sauce. I love Pastorelli!
    I appreciate the 1 gram of fat. Do you ever give coupons? I just lost my job after 16yrs every little bit helps.
    Sincerely, J. Gierman, Lansing, IL
  • Dear Sirs,
    Not often enough I feel do we tell someone something positive. I have been using your pizza sauce for over 2 yrs now and I won’t even use another brand name any longer. Your pizza sauce is #1 and I tell everyone to try it. I feel the sauce is what makes the pizza. I make my own crust from scratch and it’s important to me to have a good sauce on top of it – that is your Pizza Sauce! The only problem is I live in Hurley, WI area and so far there is only 1, maybe 2 places you get the product. You have an excellent product!
    Sincerely, Barb Bugui, Hurley, WI
  • Hello,
    My mom is an old school Italian mom who makes incredible homemade Italian dishes- her homemade pizza only uses Pastorelli Pizza Sauce! Thanks its great!
    John Falstrom, Olympia Fields, IL
  • Dear Sir or Ma’am,
    I grew upon the southwest side of Chicago and for as long as I can remember (I am 48), every Saturday my mother would fix homemade pizza using Pastorelli’s Pizza sauce and only Pastorelli’s! When my brother moved to Seattle 20 years ago, Mom and I would send him car packages and the only thing he always insisted we send was Pastorelli’s. Now Mom lives in Florida and I have found myself in exile, in Mississippi, of all places. Not only are there no real pizza places to be found, I can not even make my own, because we have no Pastorelli’s in the grocery stores here.
    Please help this homesick refugee to once again experience her favorite taste of Chicago!
    Very truly yours, Sandra Bessonette, Vicksburg, MS
  • Dear Sir,
    I thought you might enjoy hearing about the many miles your great pizza sauce traveled. My 75 year old aunt who used to live in Chicago land area many years ago has never stopped using your pizza sauce. As with many Florida lived her and she moved. Unfortunately she has never found a store that carries Pastorelli. It’s the best to quote her “It’s the secret ingredient that makes her Florida pizza unique.” For years I’ve been sending shoe boxes full of these familiar little cans. When her supply is out off to Florida goes more. The stores she has asked to carry it are Publix, Winn-Dixie Food Lion and Albertsons but no luck. She lives on the gulf side of Florida. Are there stores you may know of other then these possibly if you could write and tell her I know it would make her day.
    Sincerely, Bea Yavenue, Thornton, IL
  • Dear Sirs,
    This is the first letter I have ever written to pay a compliment to a company for their product, your gourmet pizza sauce is by for the best I have ever eaten. Every other type fails in comparison. I grew up in Chicago where my family always used your sauce for any Italian meal we’ve cooked. Over the years my family and I have gradually moved to California, always relying on those of us still living back home to mail us your sauce to keep us stocked up.
    Well now, all my family is on the west coast and my question is this, are there any places in the San Diego or Orange County area where your product can perhaps be purchased? It’s just not the same settling for second best. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. Keep up the good work!
    A loyal Fan, Robert Yugovich, San Diego, CA
  • Pastorelli foods,
    I had to write and tell you how great your pizza sauce is. I’ve enjoyed it for 20 years!
    John Zachas, Chicago, IL
  • To Whom It May Concern:
    I would like to tell you that you make the best pizza sauce I have ever tasted and it is a shame that your sauce is not available in San Diego. I appreciate that you make the effort to send out your pizza sauce to customers throughout the country. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Craig Herman, Chicago, IL