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Since 1927, Pastorelli Foods has provided consumers with retail products that not only continue to win the hearts of many, but also continue to receive gold medals year after year in international competition. From the first fully prepared canned pizza sauce of which was formulated by Papa Pastorelli in 1952, to our award winning blended Cameo oil, all carry the signature of recognizable quality. As Pastorelli embraces the family tradition of manufacturing with only the finest all natural products,

we also continue to introduce products of which are the finest known to our markets. From our Michigan apple cider sulfite free vinegar to our 100% organic bell pepper, portabello, carrot, and zucchini garden marinara pasta sauce, our lifelong mission has never changed nor will it. As Papa Pastorelli used to say, "If Mother Nature Doesn’t Produce it, Pastorelli Won't Use It" and so, it will continue to be. 
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~ Richard Pastorelli ~

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Papa's Story


It all started during the reunification of Italy about 1850. . .


Nestled in the heart of the rugged Appennine Mountains in Central Italy, fifty miles Northeast of Rome, the Pastorelli family started a primitive but efficient food distribution business.


Amedeo Pastorelli was the postmaster of the town of Lucoli, L’Aquila. Farmers, peasants, professionals, and others came to his small post office building to pick up mail and to make small shipments of home-produced food products. So wise, young Amedeo figured, "Why don’t I stock some of those products that the people in the outlying areas produce and perhaps I will find large buyers by accumulating stocks of cheese, olive oil, nuts, and other local products."


In an old subterranean cellar, the now world famous Pecorino Romano cheese was stored for aging, rubbed occasionally with locally produced olive oil, mixed with small amounts of black ground pepper and domestically produced wine vinegar. The enterprise became very successful as the small sheep-raising families would produce only a dozen loaves of cheese per week, but instead of their curing it for six months, they could get supplies from Amedeo in payment of their cheese. They would take back up the mountain items such as olive oil, refilling their goat skin containers, which were weighed on a primitive scale and hauled away on the backs of their rugged mules.

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Pastorelli foods,

I had to write and tell you how great your pizza sauce is. I’ve enjoyed it for 20 years!

John Zachas
Chicago, IL

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